3D Proto Print

Do you have the next Innovative MILLION Dollar Idea? 3DProtoPrint can build your prototypes for HALF of what other big companies charge typically. We charge $35 dollars an hour to “3D Print” your prototype/design. We want to save you TIME and MONEY, we can have your design in your hands quickly, typically 1-2 business days if the design is finalized.

We have low cost solutions and fast turnaround times! Get your products to your customers faster, using CAD and Rapid Prototyping you can have an actual working prototype in your hands twice as fast as with traditional manufacturing. If a picture is worth a thousand words–then imagine the significance a prototype you can hold, test fit-form-function, critique, and show potential customers and investors the value of your idea.

CAD and Rapid Prototyping is one of the most convincing and successful ways to communicate the look, fit and feel of a new product for people. 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, CAD models, and Rapid Prototyping will save you both TIME and MONEY. Getting molds and having metal machined/formed can be expensive and very time consuming. Let us design and help build your Ideas, Designs, Custom Plastics-Parts-Toys-Gadgets-etc. We have over 20 years of combined experience in mechanical design.

We can take your conceptual ideas or sketches and turn them into 3D CAD parametric models and then “3D Print” them out for you quickly. We have experience in how things get manufactured, so we keep your ideas with manufacturability in mind as we design for you.
Let’s turn all those ideas in your head into physical reality that you can make money with! Our passion is helping people develop their designs, parts and inventions and getting it in your hands fast! Who can use these services, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Mechanical Engineers, Industrial/Manufacturing Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Architects, Artists, Patent Attorneys/Agents and anyone that has Innovative Ideas, and wants to turn those ideas into physical reality that you can make money with!

For more information email us at sales@3DProtoPrint.com

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